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Friday, November 14, 2008

God's Will

I've been struck by Sarah Palin - again. In interviews Mrs. Palin has been saying that she'll run for Pres in 2012 ..... if its God's will. It brought to mind a situation that happened years ago. I was working for a gentleman named Phil Shayner. Okay, I lie; he wasn't a gentleman, but he's been dead for years, so he's become a gentleman. Anyway, we were interviewing to hire another engineer and had found one in Denver that looked pretty good. He interviewed well, but was hesitant to make the move. Eventually he came around. He said after much prayer, God had spoken to him and told him to take the new position. Within a couple of weeks on the job it was obvious he couldn't handle it - a real loser. Within days, Phil came into my office and said, "I let him go - terminated him! God may have told him to take the job, but God must have changed his mind, because he told me to fire his sorry ass". God can be fickle.

If God does convince Sarah to run as a Republican in 2012, it will confirm a suspicion I've had for some time. God is a Democrat ... and he has a perverse sense of humor.

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