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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Wines

I agonized over the Thanksgiving wine selections again this year. Its a hard meal to match. Even though its technically poultry, most whites won't stand up to the richness of the meal. My answer is to give us lots of options. This week a UPS truck dropped off a large carton with my 12 choices for the meal. Two years ago we went through 16 bottles, but other people will bring a bottle or two of something special they've been saving. It started with just a bottle or two, but as the family has grown, our pocketbooks matured and out tastes have gotten more sophisticated, things have gotten out of hand. And I love it.

Over the years our Thanksgiving duties have evolved. Larry will do two or three turkeys in different styles, maybe grill one or fry one in peanut oil, or find a heritage breed (it's a large group of people to feed!). Lorna does scalloped corn and relish, I do wine, etc. We may have a new entry this year. Ruby used to do pies, but she's too old to handle it now. Addy has been making pumpkin pies from scratch this year- from real pumpkins - and crust from scratch! If she has time - sometimes she works really long, odd hours. I'm hopeful.

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