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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


After I had a cup of coffee I rode my bike up to the polls. Minnesotans are voters, not always well (Jesse Ventura), but often. We regularly lead the nation in percentage of registered voters voting -80%. After seeing the long lines on television I was relieved to find no line. I guess if normal is 80%, 85% doesn't knock the wheels off the cart. My name and address were checked against the registration list by a sweet blue-haired little lady. Signing my name on the roll, I noticed Lorna had already voted ahead of me. I was given a little card to hand to Phil Rogers, who was in charge of handing out the paper voting forms. As we waited for a booth to open, I talked to Jane Hoffkamp, then went in to mark my choices. I voted straight Democrat this year. A couple I cast tasted bad. I voted for Al Franken only because his opponent, Senator Norm Coleman is just awful. Coleman may end up with the distinction of being defeated by both Jesse Ventura and Al Franken. Put those two dingleberries on your resume. Franken went to grade school here. He's been around a lot during the campaign, claiming local boy status. We'll probably never see him again if he wins. Rep Tim Waltz only had one hard vote, the Wallstreet bailout, and I think he blew it. He voted against it, the politically correct vote, but I think, shortsighted. He got my vote only because his opponent is extreme right. On the way out I slipped my ballot into a scan reader and another little old lady gave me a little red "I voted" sticker. Ten minutes, fifteen tops. Got on the bike again and pedaled over to Nancy's Cafe to reward myself with coffee, newspaper and breakfast.

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