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Saturday, November 22, 2008

And the Sermon for This Week is...

From Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Wind Farms.

Bicycling against the wind - the hill that never ends.

Below is posted WITHOUT permission of the very Rev Dick. Can we have an "Amen!" from the congregation?:

Open letter to The Wind

Dear Sir or Madam,

Given the recent increase in your disruptive activities, I regret to inform you that you are henceforth persona non grata. All Church members (and I mean that how you think I do) are herewith instructed to Shun you. This shall include the Turning Of The Cheek, the Going To The Drops, and potentially the devastating Choosing Of Other Routes!

Where these options are not available (such as on my commute, where you insist on blowing hard first one way and then, denying me the tailwind!, another) you shall be cursed. Members are encouraged to be creative in their cursing, for it is by the very inventiveness of their invective that they shall be delivered.

Should you wish to make an appropriate Act of Contrition, you (clearly) know where to find me.

The Right Reverend Richard Greyson

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