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Monday, August 10, 2009


Among the other colored hay I grow are Daylilies, hybrids and cultivars of various Hemerocallis species. As the name implies the flowers only last one day, some opening in the morning, others in the evening. When I was younger I would walk through the garden picking off the spent flowers. Without getting too spiritual about it, as I've gotten older I appreciate the buds, flowers, and dried blossoms cycling on the same stem. When I was a kid there were two choices, yellow or a dull brick orange. I still have one old one, Hyperion, a clear yellow with flowers that are less substantial than the modern tetraploids, plants on steriods, but still graceful. The elves and gnomes have been at work for years in their secret fields. The heights now vary from less than a foot to five feet tall, and reds, pinks and purples have been added to the pallet. They are wonderful plants, beautiful, hardy as a rock, tougher than nails, and the RABBITS DON'T EAT THEM! Link to A reliable supplier.


rockandrollcannibal said...

My favorite thing about daylilies is that they are delicious. A lovely lightly sweet cucumber flavor, excellent in salads, as an edible garnish, as cake decoration, or all by themselves (check for bugs, or don't if you don't mind the extra crunch).

Kelly said...

I bookmarked the link to the daylily supplier. I love daylilies, but my local nurseries only have a few varieties, and I'd love to have a larger variety.