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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Economic Recovery in Action

I'm always been struck by the beauty of the French 1970s Motobecane Grand Record bicycles, particularly the black with red trim and gold lug-lining. This week a pristine 58cm frame and fork showed up on Ebay - in my size! I weighed the effect that buying another bicycle would have on my marriage... but bid anyway. There were 15 bids submitted, 6 of which were mine. At $500 (including shipping) I sadly dropped out. Past auctions have determined that that is about what it was worth, certainly no more.
The testosterone started flowing and two guys got locked into a head-to-head battle of moneyed egos. Eventually it sold for $1,425.00! By the time the new owner sorts through sales and auctions assembling the quirky French components and wheelset he'll have $2,500 to $3,000 tied up in this hot little mademoiselle. I wish him good riding... if he rides it rather than hanging on his office wall. But still, it sure is purdy (especially with the Lefol "Le Paon" fenders I had in mind for it).

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jusvelos said...

quite a few motorbecanes in this area..not valued very highly,hopefully a grand record will surface soon..waiting for the afternoon to play your musical selections.lovely garden