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Friday, August 7, 2009

I Couldn't Make This Up

"An Albert Lea man, Milton Christian Paulsen, 63, pleaded guilty Thursday to operating a golf cart drunk and running over a woman at Beaver Trails Jellystone Park on the Fourth of July. The incident occurred during the holiday evening at the Austin campsite. Paulsen wildly accelerated his cart and crashed into a 61-year-old woman from Island Lake, according to a court file. The golf cart and the woman landed in a pond, and the victim was trapped under the cart. Paulsen said he helped keep her head above water while others removed the cart.

She suffered a broken ankle.

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Old Toad said...

Looks like my long lost Uncle Milt tipped a few too many at Jellystone Park. Good thing he decided to head home in the golf cart instead of his tricked out '57 Chevy. Would have been tough for Milt to hold the lady's head above water if she was trapped under his mighty fine car (not to mention all the broken bones she would have had). Thanks for spreading the news to the world, Gunnar. Uncle Milt may just feel guilty (pleaded or not) enough to stay off those golf carts at least 'til the next 4th of July.