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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dr. Bop and the Headliners

Midwest Jon,
Not Dr. "Bob". should be Dr. "Bop".

For the Toad:
In '62 when the Toad and I were at St. O'Laugh College I toured the Midwest on weekends with Dave McLeod and Tom Bergstrom to listen to The Trashmen. They were a great rough-edged garage dance band. This piece of sh*t went to #4 on the national charts.

Where are they today? Here's something a little better. Another Minnesota Surfer chart song from the old days. The lads from Liverpool hit town and it was all over.


Old Toad said...

Those Trashmen tunes bring back old memories of the Fiesta Ballroom in Monte (where you must have seen them ... or some other band after we met at that college on the hill in Northfield). Looks like the guys in the videos have aged a bit since those days ... or my brain is playing tricks on this much older Toad).
P.S. That Bergstrom guy was quite the "looker" with the young ladies ... not so much for McLeod and Gunnar (but they had many other redeeming qualities, of course).

Gunnar Berg said...

Wadda mean I wasn't a good lookin ladies man?. Phfft! Like you were?

Jonny Hamachi said...


Old Toad said...

The Toad never, ever claimed to be a "ladies man". He was just a little pimply faced toadlet when Dr. Bop and The Trashmen were "hot". As he aged, a few ladies began to notice him ... but he never measured up to the Bergstrom (or even the Gunnar!) in that category.
By the way, how do you pronounce "Phfft"? Must be a sound that you used to attract the ladies ... but never shared your secret with the Toadster. Oh well ... guess some guys have "got it" (and others hang out in the mud with the other toads).

Gunnar Berg said...

Not a ladies man? This just proves that Toads are full of B.S.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Look for The Brothers Comatose coming to a mailbox near you.

Some friends of mine, thought you might like.