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Monday, August 3, 2009

Vassar's Boogie

Back in the Seventies, before the invention of electricity, Ms Lorna and I were groupies, following Vassar Clements, who never really had a band, but played with various musical groups. Looking back it seems the only musical common denominator was a crowd smoking marijuana. Over the years Vassar played with every Bluegrass group ever assembled, as well as groups like the Grateful Dead and various Jazz ensembles. He was a hired gun... er fiddle, playing with anyone who wanted a killer in the back row. I recall an interview where he was asked who his musical influence was. "Miles Davis." Huh? Obviously more subtle than I could hear. He died in 2005. Vassar could flat out play the fiddle. Following is a live recording.

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Jonny Hamachi said...

Did you ever see Dr. Bob and the Headliners Featuring the White Raven? Back in the 70's? Midwest Party Band. Friends of my Pops. Saw them a lot around Madison as a rugrat.

Just checkin.