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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bentsen State Park

We went to Benson with friends this morning and early afternoon. We walked about five miles miles and saw some birds. As we hiked the park the winds came and went, then came back again to 30 mph and the temperature rose from 65F to 92F before we knocked off. It was a little warm for a 70 year old guy, so I drank a lot of water and paced myself. I survived.

Black Phoebe, my first sighting of the season. (Over water as always, note the fly-fishing tippet.)

Green Jay showing off this eyebrows.
Lincoln Sparrow
Eastern Screech Owl


A Long-billed Thrasher bathing to stay cool.

Stay cool, - Gunnar


George A said...

92 degrees. Time to pack up and get the hell outta there. It's 80 here today and that's too hot too soon for this 69 year old.

Gunnar Berg said...

It has been in that range most of this season - up to 98F.