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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rose-throated Becard Redux

At the end of January I saw a male Rose-throated Becard here in Alamo and Paul Prappas also got eyes on it, but we did not get a photo of it. Paul did report it to the rare birds website and the next day there were people at the location scanning the trees, but alas, it proved to be a One Day Wonder.

Yesterday, May Snider spotted a male Rose-throated Becard on a group outing to a private location near Rio Hondo to the east of here. Paul is certain, or at least hopefully certain, that this is "our" Becard and now the Texas Records Committee will officially recognize our sighting. This would be important to Paul, so I hope they do. But keep in mind, there is no monetary reward involved, it merely validates the existence of the bird ... and by association, Paul and me.

Photo by Ginny Rickard

And now, the real reason for this posting: below is a photo of the same bird by Mike Rickard. Mike is a butterfly expert and a moth-er par excellence. More or less blowing off the rare bird sighting, Mike noted the moth was a Sphingicampa heiligbrodti. :-) One has to have his priorities in order.

Looking forward to seeing Mike and Ginny this evening - Gunnar

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