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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Slow Day At Frontera

Late start, early finish - in between mostly talking to the pleasant people on the path as we wandered about looking for birds, then helping them get eyes on the special birds. At some point on the continuum it is more satisfying helping someone get their first look than getting our 8th or 9th look.  

Without things to photograph what do I do?  I took a picture of Lorna walking down the path through a natural arching bower.

There are always Chachalacas. They are easy to find - big and noisy, and they relatively slow moving and tame. 

I walked the paths and ended up over at the estate's long abandoned orchard, hoping to get a look, and pray tell, even a photograph(?), of the Crimson-collared Grosbeak. Right. It was sunny and 72F, so I sat. There were no birds except weeds. There were lizards scurrying all over, so I took pictures of an Anole at my feet.

After we both bored of that game I noticed the metallic Green Hoverflies. The challenge: take a picture of a 3/8" long fly, ten feet away. Only marginal successful, but it killed a little time in the sun. 

Meanwhile, back home in the apartment, Lorna spotted this Cooper's Hawk in our backyard.

No new birds today, but still a very good day. This evening we are meeting old friends and new friends for dinner at the Blue Onion in Weslaco. 

Upright, still moving forward in the sunshine - Gunnar

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Redwing said...

Love that photo of the hovering insect, and the Cooper's and Lorna walking the path. Almost like being there.