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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Emergencies Are Relative

A nice lady delivered a note to the door of cabin #11 early this afternoon. We are out of cell phone range and do not have a telephone in the cabin (log construction with a beautiful stone fireplace - circa 1927  ;-).  I assumed it was an emergency message as I didn't think anyone knew where we were. One person did, CKC.  On the way by we had stopped at Chris Kvale Cycles in Minneapolis and took a couple of pictures. Chris asked where we where headed and he tracked me down with an emergency regarding fender clearance! He is building the fork and has 19mm clearance from the underside of the crown to the tire. He consulted with Curt Goodrich, who is a big clearance man and Vincent Dominguez, who advocates more minimal clearance, both well reasoned. After some give and take I opted for the more generous clearance - viewed from the side the bottom edge of the fender just barely covering the top of the tire.

I am on a very slow computer hook-up so embeding pictures is not an option. Later. Everyone take care.


Silk Hope said...

Are you paying extra for consultants or is CKC burying this overhead for all this brainpower.

Mr. Hope.

Gunnar Berg said...

I'm assuming billing hours, rounded up.

Margadant said...

Enjoy being "up Nort."

George A said...

Gunnar: I'm typing this from the Brigantine public library (I too have limited net access!). Hope you're having big fun.

Silk Hope said...

of course.