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Monday, June 6, 2011

Penny's Garden

This is part of Penny's garden across the street from us. "Across the street..." somehow suggests distance and separation. As the street is actually an eight foot wide alley, our neighborhood gardens visually run together. For me, looking at Penn's green lushness, this works out pretty well. For her, I'm kind of an eyesore extension of her garden. There is a reason I have not posted pictures of my entry garden this year. It's a weedy shambles. I hope to get a handle on it eventually. If Penny has any weeds, she at least has just cause, as tending her ailing mother has been more important than tending the hostas the past couple of years.


Anonymous said...

My next-door neighbors have just dug a little trench along the edge of their yard between our houses. It looks to me like a Neutral Ground or De-Militarized Zone where skirmishes between my weeds and their flowers and grass will not be permitted. Good luck to them!


Gunnar Berg said...

When I was in my "Lawn Boy" phase in our old house we had neighbors who's lawn was solid dandelions. I was particularly diligent at the lot line because I enjoyed the contrast. After I eventually established to my satisfaction that I had the best lawn for a block in all four directions I quit and immedaitely backslide into my old habits of sloth and weed.