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Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday 06/06/11

93F right now at 1:30. Gonna go higher. August weather in June. Tomorrow will be worse because it'll be continued hot but with winds gusting to 29 mph. It'll just desiccate the plants. Some of the plants which are left over from the once shady garden are suffering in the sun so I'm watering with a sprinkler to cool them down. I'm noting which are wilting and will relocate them when it cools down a bit. Once in a lifetime rains, storms of the century and unheard of heat are the norm. It's time that the plants learned that life isn't just a bed of roses. 


George A said...

Gunnar: I feel your pain. We too are experiencing an early summer. Your 103 degrees will be here tomorrow and the next day. Then three days of big T-storms are forecast with just a hint of temperature relief (but none for the humidity). We're watering flowers like crazy and barely keeping up. Worst of all it's too hot to work on boats! The epoxy kicks off quicker than I can mix it. And on top of that my rhubarb is bolting! I've had to actually go buy some at the store! If I wasn't such a winter weenie I'd sell up tomorrow and move to Huskvarna.

Kurt said...

It's 50 degrees, dark at 5pm, and raining. We have had only 3 days where the temperature reached 70 since November 2010. The lawn is green and the slugs are happy. Every day it stops raining, I mow my lawn and I never have to mow more than once a week.

Gunnar Berg said...

We didn't crack 100 - stopped at 99 with the wind cranked up to 41 mph. Minneapolis was 103. I'm certain that it didn't get past about 95 here on the downwind side of the lake in Oakwood. It wasn't too bad, but it just sapped my energy.

@ Kurt, Addy will be coming in on the 1st so you guys will get a chance to see her. Looking forward to seeing your smiling face.