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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Field Trip To Cousin Fritz's Farm

Cousins.  Same age - been harassing each other for 60 + years.

Lorna takes the wheel.

Fritz has some parcels of restored prairie. We were out in this 15 acre field to see the Lupines blooming and let the kids feel the free Summer wind in their hair. Fritz gardens, only his gardens are 15 and 20 acres each. He denies they are gardens, but he has planted every seed, he controls the weeds, knows every variety of native grass, knows every wildflower and when they flower. And he is proud of his work. Sounds like gardening to me.


gabriel said...

pretty neat Gunnar!

Gunnar Berg said...

Actually a regular stop for us, but the kids added a wonderful dimension.

Silk Hope said...

Way too much fun Gunnar. The small toehead is a real cutie.

Mr. Hope

Margadant said...

When you next see Fritz, tell him hello and that I envy him that hill west of the lake. I can only take comfort in in imagining that its a dab more humid than the rocky hills I sit on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a vicarious trip to a place I'd love to be right now. The up-close prairie photos make my heart pitter-patter. I remember rollicking moments in a wagonload of cousins. I'm glad to know kids still do that.