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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where We Stayed: Outside

The cabin where we stayed last week is not fancy ... very small by today's standards. It was built in the mid 1920s on a bend along Cascade Creek (not the Cascade River, which is a short hike through the forest). From a nearby parking spot it is accessed  by a footbridge over a narrow rock walled gorge. A short trail down the hill on the backside leads to the O'Phelan Pub pictured earlier. The view of Superior is mostly screened by trees. Not fancy, but ... location, location, location.

Up the creek from the cabin.
The view out of the bedroom window just as the creek takes a  right turn and wraps around to the front and drops into the gorge.
The footbridge across the little eight foot deep gorge at the front. The bridge is about 25'  long and becomes part of the front porch.
A little waterfall below the bridge. Not much, but the sound will lull you to sleep.
Swallowtails in the mud along the stream where the gorge opens up before running to the big lake.
The approach from O'Phelan's.
Next, the interior and how we were forced to rough it.

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